Maxee’s dramatic colors literally explode onto her canvases. As a self-taught artist, she was clearly born to paint. For years she created lovely representational works, but has more recently immersed herself in large scale, strikingly dramatic abstract imagery. Her ebullient spirit combines the purely creative abstract process with her intuitive understanding of color and texture, to result in astoundingly powerful artwork.

When working on her ‘oversized’ pieces she can express all of the inner passions that drive her creative engine. Her intense, yet at-times ethereal color schemes, deep textures and emotive compositions instantly ‘grab’ the viewer. Their complex detail evokes a wide range of positive responses. Even traditionalists are drawn in, and express their appreciation for their stunning artistry.

A ‘Maxee’ painting arrests you in your tracks, speaks to you on a personal level, provokes a strong emotion and makes you think (…and then think again)!

When immersed in her work Maxee is intensely focused. Images evolve and emerge with each successive layer (50 or more are common), and are at once vibrant, luminous and seductive. They often evoke organic processes… and are frequently referred to as ‘awe-inspiring’.

As an east coast transplant, Maxee now works out of her Los Angeles, California studio.

Her art is owned by collectors globally… and her admirers often declare that her work is of museum quality.

” She is a truly brilliant talent, who never disappoints or fails to deliver impactful and commanding works of art.”  I.S.M.

Contact her through her web site, www.ArtByMaxee.com, regarding original works or custom high quality embellished Giclée prints.

Email address:  Maxee@ArtByMaxee.com







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