“Maxee is a genius.

 “It has been some time since I’ve had my unveiling party to reveal the ‘Desert Fury’ painting,

 and I am still discovering new colors and textures as the daylight and

evening lighting in my home reveal how intrinsic and spectacular “the masterpiece” is.

Maxee was thoroughly able to incorporate all the color tones and

 architecture of my home in creating this vivid painting.

Some friends who are interior designers who have visited my home pause

 and are in awe of the originality, and comment on how dramatic it is.

My home was professionally photographed,

and “Desert Fury” was featured as the one of the highlights of the grand room.

 Brava to Maxee.”

S. F. ,  Rancho Mirage, CA


“We adore you! You out did yourself, again!!!

The water color of the house is so amazing that we are speechless.

It will be framed & admired forever.

We can’t believe that you made us such a beautiful & priceless gift …a portrait of the home we love,

which we will carry with us after we move on to our next destiny”.

W.B. & I.D. – Hidden Valley, CA


“We are quite pleased to have a print of “Koi” hanging above our master bathroom garden tub.

As turquoise is my favorite color, and “any shade of blue” is my husband’s favorite,

we are thrilled with the pop of colors and style the painting adds to our green and peacock blue bathroom.

Maxee’s artistic talents are limitless; the depth of colors, light and shadow, make her paintings stand out.

Thank you, Maxee for an amazing work of art.”

K.M.R., Loveland, Colorado


“As newly weds, ‘The “Marriage Tree I’ painting by Maxee is so very meaningful to us.

 Although it hangs in our living room and I see it every day, it never becomes familiar or part of the furniture;

 rather it arrests me with its warmth of color and texture.

 The canvas “moves” and reminds me how my marriage is like a tree: living, growing,

 changing through the seasons, sturdy and long lasting with, in her interpretation, little specks of gold.

 Particularly special is that Maxee customized the painting for us, including the Chinese symbol typical for nuptials, “Double Happiness”.

 Guests always remark on the painting when they visit our home.

Thank you.”



“Maxee’s painting is SPECTACULAR.

 It is so beautiful and complex and rich.

It truly took my breath away!!!!!”. 

S.C., Los Angeles, CA


“I couldn’t be more thrilled with the ‘IMAGINATION’ painting!

 You are an artistic genius.

  And I appreciate your far beyond the call of duty, and all that you did.

  When I showed the painting to my husband he loved it.

  The first thing he said was “Oh – that’s your album cover!”

  It’s going to be the most beautiful children’s album cover I’ve ever seen!!!

Thank-you so much.”

T.S.,  Los Angeles, CA


“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Maxee is one of the most talented artists I’ve ever seen.

Her work should be in the Guggenheim.

She is immensely talented and I feel privileged to know her”.

 I.S.M., Sherman Oaks, CA


“Our original ‘Maxee’ painting is the focal piece of art in our home.

 It is an impressionistic Japanese maple with subtle love iconography.

We find ourselves staring into its myriad colors and textures.

Under adjustable lighting it’s as if the red, gold and brown leaves are rustling in a gentle breeze.

 When we entertain we find guests congregating around the painting, in admiration.

 Also, for our daughter’s birthday, we recently purchased a wonderful fine art Giclee print of one of Maxee’s original paintings.

 She loves the vivid and fanciful images!”

S. R., Los Angeles, CA


“I cannot begin to tell you how gorgeous it is.

  I love it!  You did an incredible piece of work.

 I love the concept, the colors, everything about it.” 

R.B., Thousand Oaks, CA


“I was privileged to preview ‘The Marriage Tree I’ before it was delivered to her N.Y. clients.

It was so breathtaking, I immediately commissioned Maxee for a fine art reproduction for my own home.

Given the rich texture and metallic tones of this particular piece, a print would not have been able to capture

all the wonderful nuances in the original, but we would have been happy none-the-less.

Maxee was so generous as to surprise us with an original painting of  “The Marriage Tree II” instead.

Our kitchen and dining room were recently remodeled with a material and color palette to complement this “masterpiece”.

“The Marriage Tree II” hangs prominently in our formal dining room, where every visitor to our home is drawn to its beauty and complexity.

I catch myself staring at the painting daily, noticing new details every time.

It is surely a treasure I will pass on to future generations to enjoy!

  Thank you!!”

R.L.S., Los Angeles, CA


“The Dramatic effect of the colors of  ‘San Francisco Bay Bridge Bathed in Red’

overwhelms the sweeping view I have of the actual Bay Bridge.

It is a true feat of collaboration of my specific requests and celebration of Maxee’s  enormous talent.”

S.S. , San Francisco, CA


  “Your work is stunning!   I am so impressed.   Really beautiful and striking.   It is just spectacular.”

C.W., Los Angeles, CA


‘”Wow….I am blown away.  You are so talented!!

I am just amazed how you can create such beautiful art and

have the creativity of the painting concept.

The colors are vibrant and the theme comes alive.

I love your work and I will want you to do a piece for me as soon as I settle in my new penthouse.”

H.S., San Francisco, CA


“We both looked at the painting and said “I Love it!”….we do!

 It is exactly our colors and style and we love the nuances, texture and symbolism.

 I am sure it was hard to part with!

It is a very special piece which we can gaze on and enjoy every day

Thank you!!”

A.G.H., New York, N.Y.


“I just recently purchased ‘Mother and Child’ from Maxee.

This piece of Art means so much to me. When I saw it online my heart swelled.

I had my baby when I was 17. I raised her by myself. Our song was and is You and Me Against The World by Helen Reddy.

When I saw this painting I knew I had to have it!

Maxee put my life and love in her strokes of a brush.

I really should of bought two because my daughter wants to steal mine..

She’ll get it when I pass. LOL. Maxee, I LOVE it and can’t wait to purchase my next one.. xoxoxo”

V.K., Houston, TX


“it was my 17th anniversary. ken and i love art. we collect art.

we made a vow that every year we would buy a piece or two – our gift to each other.

this year i bought a “maxee” piece, the girl with turquoise eyes.

it is gorgeous & vibrant &  stunningly beautiful.

my home is filled with beautiful women, and this adds yet more beauty.””

A. F. -Author- “Marrying George Clooney”,

Dingmans Ferry, PA


“I purchased a “Cascade” print and am so proud to have it in my home.

Maxee’s pieces tend to be both dramatically stylized and also soothing.

I’m going to look for one of her canvases in red, which is my favorite color and also hers!”

N.E.U., Pocatello, Idaho


“The very first time I saw Maxee’s magnificent ‘San Francisco Bay Bridge Bathed in Red Fog’ I knew I had to have it for myself!

The drama & the strong, bold colours spoke to me in a way few pieces of art ever have.

There were also memories every time I looked at it – having spent a big chunk of time in the Bay Area, having this in our house is fantastic!

It hangs, pride of place in the living room and I am grateful every day that Maxee gave me the opportunity

to own ‘San Francisco Bay Bridge Bathed in Red Fog’ where the quality of the print on canvas is so good,

you would be hard pushed to know if it was the original or not! Thank you Maxee!”

G.S., Montefalco, Umbria, Italy


  “Your work is stunning!   I am so impressed.   Really beautiful and striking.   It is just spectacular.”

C.W., Los Angeles, CA


“The painting is wonderful…vibrant colors and textures.  Really nice use of the space.

 It’s really beautiful and a great work of art.”

D.M., Los Angeles, CA


“I love the colors.  A truly ethereal piece that is serene and alive at the same time.

Thank you.”

J.D.,  Palm Springs, CA


“The painting is VERY beautiful!

It made me gasp when I first saw it.  I love the composition.

Your colors glow and are fabulous.

Thank You.”

A.S.,  Arroyo Grande, CA


“The piece has such depth of color etc.

It is incredible!!!  FANTASTIC!!!  I love it.

It is truly amazing.

  All your hard work was well worth it. 

I don’t know how you can bear to part with your artwork.” 

L. S.,  Antigo, WI


“It is the most incredible painting.

  I spent a very long time just staring at it and I see so many things.

  I love the movement.

Thank you.”

L. R., Thousand Oaks, CA


“I Love your work, it is so incredible!!  What a gift you have.  I just am in ahhhhhh…………….

It’s unbelievable!

 I love your work!! It is great!!”

S.M., Chicago, Il


“Your work is amazing!!!  

Except for getting out these few sentences, I am speechless.

I am in awe.”

S.S, Oak Park, CA


“Your artwork is stunning. Your style has so much energy!!  I love it”

R.K. San Francisco, CA


“Your painting is wonderful.  It shows great depth and draws you right into its mystery.” 

E.M. Thousand Oaks, CA


“Maxee is so very talented!  It is a magnificent piece! .


M.C., Oak Park, CA


“Maxee is a vibrant, passionate person whose bright spirit shines through in her works.

I have watched as she created unique pieces for private collectors and corporate agencies.

She is truly one of a kind, in every way. She is also reliable and professional, and always comes through for her clients with flying colors. Literally!

H.D., Chatsworth, CA


“Maxee is one of the most creative artists I have ever come into contact with.

Her art is unique and extremely desirable. She has an amazing sense of texture, color, and form that translates beautifully to the canvas.

 Her art has hung in some of the most beautiful luxury homes across the country.  Her commissioned pieces are just outstanding!

Talented, personable, and creative…are the words that come to mind when I think of Art by Maxee!” 

M.G.  Bellaire, Texas


“This is an artist who understands light, embraces colors, as if by some magical intuition.

I love her work, love it as I would the swirl and twirl of a midnight dance with someone close,

the absolute gift of holding hands for the first time,

that kind of connection Breathing into the heart, that is what light is all about, and this is how I see this magnificent work..” 

R.J. Los Angeles, CA


“I can’t say enough about Maxee. Her work is inspiring, explosive and empowering.

 I love the way Maxee uses her colors….they burst out of the canvas.

 It would be a privilege for anyone to hang a piece of Maxee’s works on their wall.”

R. D. West Hollywood, CA


“Maxee’s art is off the charts wonderful!!

 She is truly a fine artist, from her intentions, to the final product.

 Maxee is a modern-day, contemporary classic if there was ever such a title. Her style is varied, and her soul shows through her art.”

G.L. Houston, Texas


“Maxee is a fantastic artist, who can create one-of-a-kind works of art for your home or office.

 I have recommended Maxee to many people who are in the market for unique and beautiful artwork.” 



“My husband & I love art. We love collecting art. I bought an ART by MAXEE piece not too long ago.

It is so exquisite, so vibrant. It adds such beauty & soul to our home”

 A.S.F., PA


“Maxee is an exceptional fine artist who regularly produces works of art that leave viewers catching their breath.

Her specialty is very large works of abstract painting, usually acrylic with multi-media elements to create spectacular textural effects.

I am lucky to have an original in my home, and it receives glowing reviews from friends on a regular basis.

I recommend that anyone with the means to invest in original artwork should seriously consider one of Maxee’s paintings.” 

R.L., Oak Park, CA


“To know Maxee is to understand why her artwork is so vibrant, so beautiful,

so passionate and embracing–because her canvas reflects the woman she is, all those things, and so much more.” 

A.F., Los Angeles, CA


“Maxee is a creative original. Her work is vibrant, thought provoking and beautiful.

Along with being an exceptional artist, Maxee is an exceptional human being. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” 

K.V.R. , Portland, Oregon


“Maxee’s work is shockingly gorgeous. One look at her paintings and they will stay with you forever.

There are reds, deep, penetrating reds that she has painted that I can close my eyes and see and feel. 

Extraordinary work!”

D.D., Los Angeles, CA


 “Maxee is an artist of great integrity and imagination.

Her unique style, sense of color and unusual subject matter make her work always a wonder to behold –

a sense of enormity that makes it truly memorable.” 

G.S. Woodland Hills, CA


“Passionate. Vibrant. Earthy and sensual. Fearlessly romantic.

Maxee’s paintings make me want to dance like no one’s watching, shake my boots and let it all hang loose;

energizing and electrifying, moody, metaphorical and multi-dimensional,

they’re a color junkie’s nirvana, a mainline straight to the heart of the soul.

T. S. Eliot once said that “genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.”

Maxee’s paintings are genuine poetry in an ocean of emotion.”

C.S, Chatsworth, CA


“Being on the receiving end of Maxee’s creative genius has been a true honor.

A beautiful woman with an amazing talent, her work transcends the conventional, evoking a delectable showcase of emotions.

Colors and patterns that come alive with joy or quietly breath a thought provoking silence.

The dreamy hipness of “The In Crowd”,  the playful, chic gaze from “The Turquoise Eyed Beauty”,  the vibrant intensity of “Arial View, Peace and The Blue Veil” and my personal favorite….”Mystique” which immediately rendered me speechless with awe… very intoxicating!!

Whatever your taste or desire, Maxee will bring it to life! You will not be disappointed, and like myself, you will go back for more.” 

G.S., Wappingers Falls, N.Y.


“Maxee is one of the most vital, dynamic, vibrant and innovative artists of our time.

 Her work is compelling and completely unique.

 Her paintings are matched only by her exuberant, caring and wise demeanor. She’s a delight in every way.” 

M. H., Sherman Oaks, CA


“Maxee is one of those artists that speak volumes through her work. She has a perceptive eye for detail and design,

and the bold strokes of her brush lavish a bounty of color on every canvas she touches.

My next proposal for her would be a mural”

S. T., San Anselmo, CA


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