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  1. Norma E. Uman

    Maxee’s eye captures both very dramatic images in her work as well as soothing, peaceful images. I have a print of “Cascade” and am proud to have it in my home.

  2. Adrienne Adler


    Hi! I am helping Bob Joyce in Palm Springs with Business Development, etc., and he really likes your artworks!
    Would you consider consigning 3-7 paintings for a month?

    I am starting to make plans to curate some monthly exhibitions for the gallery. Of course, I will be marketing the artworks to clients, as well.


  3. Jeannette e de Langis

    Hi Maxee how nice “chance” has brought us together.

    Call me when you return from your cruise. Lunch in Malibu….



  4. Myrtle Abel

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